So well made we have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

How did you come up with that idea?

Great question. Some of our hats are just the product of Keith's (slightly weird) imagination. Others have real-life inspiration.

The Paola, for instance, is based on a hat that was given to me on a designing trip to San Pancho, where our hats are made. A shop owner we met was aghast that I had no hat on in the mid-day sun. This gift hat was comfortable and the sun protection was superb.

When we returned home and went back to our festival tour, I wore the hat in our store and so many people asked if they could buy it. Finally, I gave in and a lady bought it right off my head. That's all Keith needed to start working on a new design.


The Diva is another one that was pure inspiration. Keith was in a fabric shop in San Pancho looking for ideas for ornaments to use on hatbands and a black scarf caught his eye. He found a leather-look fabric and Voila! He made the Diva as a gift for me and we decided it was so beautiful that we should add it to our hat line. What do you think?