How do I know which hat will look good on me?

May 21, 2020 2 min read

Black palm cowboy hat

The biggest challenge for most people looking at a page of hat pictures is figuring out which hat will look good on them. 

Some people already know what color hat they want. But once you get past that, how do you choose a style? 


Conventional wisdom is that people who have long or thin faces should look for medium crown heights. If the crown is too tall it can make your face look even longer. If the hat is too wide, it will emphasize a narrow face or narrow shoulders and can look overwhelming. Stick with a medium width brim like on our western fashion hats. They won't overwhelm . Some hats that have moderate brims and medium height crowns are our HIcktown, Smokin and Garden Party. Our lower profile hats include Winslow, Rita and Guapo. In the cover photo, Darrell Harwood, an amazing country music artist that we sponsor, likes a traditional cowboy hat so he has raised the sides of his 4" hat brim so that it is more in proportion to his face and shoulders. So you see you can accomplish your correct proportion in more than one way.

If your face is full or round, hats with a crown that is low and have a slight forward angle willl be most flattering.  Some good examples are Rita, Goodtimes, Winslow, Guapo and After Midnight.

If you have an oval face and your body and shoulders are not too narrow you can wear a more traditional structured cowboy hat. They have higher crowns and larger brims. Think Brad, Jason, Justin, Tim or Vegas. If you prefer a more casual look or just don't like the "big hat" look, you can choose a pinch crown like Hicktown, Smokin or Whiskey Bent.

Lucky for you, our hats all have wire in the brim and are easily shaped. With the right attitude and a little effort you can choose a hat you like and shape it to flatter your face.


Give  us a call - 678-842-4287. We'll ask you questions and guide you to a hat you'll love, then help you size and shape it so it's perfect for you.