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Waterproof cowboy hat! Just what you need.

Pat Swenson Collection. Our best-selling palm cowboy hat, now even better because it's waterproof. Our soft elastic sweatband makes it fit like a glove. 

Rock this traditional western hat with a country music flair at a festival, bar or even at work. We used to call this Jason Black. The only thing that changed is the name. It's the same high quality cowboy hat.

Wear it kayaking or fishing and get it wet. If it ends up in the river it won't get soft or out of shape. Just don't let it sink. And make sure to dry the surface before you put it away. This black cowboy hat is truly waterproof.

Blacktop is a full size cowboy hat with a 4 inch brim and sized up to 7-5/8. There's a comfy elastic sweatband inside. If it's just a bit big, you can tighten it.  With some sizing tape this hat will comfortably fit a smaller man's or woman's head, down to 7.

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