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Traditional western cowboy hat style, it is also a country music cowboy hat, similar to Brad Paisley's hat. Clean this good cowboy hat with a spray of Windex.
handsome man in a Brad white cowboy hat
Brad is a traditional white cowboy hat


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Cowboy hat for play or work

Great for outside work, but as our friend in Kickin'Nash wears it, it's also a country music cowboy hat. Just gently curl it up. You could be the next Brad Paisley.

This very traditional cowboy hat is one of our best-sellers. It has a 4 inch brim that provides excellent UV protection and shade. Its painted surface repels water and holds its shape well.

Wanta know a secret? Clean it with a spray of Windex and a cloth.

Make it fit better or flatten the brim or curl it a little more. Just be gentle so you don't crease it. See our articles.

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