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Flat brimmed felt cowboy hat

Flat brimmed cowboy hats are true old outlaw style. The brim on this one is 3-1/2 inches, and completely flat. But you can raise the sides a bit if you prefer a little curve. It's Rowdy Johnson's signature hat. Check out the skull band - This guy's edgy and so is the hat. 

Cotton felt, also known as faux felt, is colorfast, water resistant. It's rich looking and durable. We use a really comfortable elastic sweatband that absorbs sweat and softens the feel of the hat on your head.

This cowboy hat for men or women fits sizes from very small to large heads. If it feels a little big, make it tighter. 

It's a very high quality cowboy hat so it's covered by our Lifetime warranty.

Please note: flat brim hats require a larger shipping box so shipping charge will be slightly higher.

 This product ships to the US, Europe and Canada. Taxes and duties will be collected upon delivery.

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