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Easy-clean work hat.

Good for oval or a long oval head. Great for outside work, but it's also a country music cowboy hat. Just gently curl it up. You could be the next famous country singer.  Good for an oval or a long oval head. If you are rounder, you can wear this, but you may need to put some sizing tape in the back. Or take a look at the Justin for rounder heads.

This very traditional cowboy hat is one of our best-sellers. It has a 4 inch brim that provides excellent UV protection and shade. Its painted canvas surface repels water and holds its shape well.

Wanta know a secret? Clean it with a spray of window cleaner and a cloth.

Make it fit tighter with the sizing tape we ship with your hat.

This product ships to the US, Europe and Canada. Taxes and duties will be collected upon delivery.  

Here's our return policy and warranty. Our high quality cowboy hat has a lifetime warranty.