Traditional western cowboy hat style, it is also a country music cowboy hat, similar to Brad Paisley's hat. Clean this good cowboy hat with a spray of Windex.
handsome man in a Brad white cowboy hat
Brad Paisley style white cowboy hat.
Brad Paisley style white cowboy hat.

Cowboy hat for play or work.

This very traditional cowboy hat is one of our best-sellers. It has a 4 inch brim that provides excellent UV protection and shade. Its painted surface repels water and holds its shape well. Great for outside work, but as our friend in Kickin'Nash wears it, it's also a country music cowboy hat. Just gently curl it up. Clean it with a spray of Windex and a cloth.

You can easily make the hat smaller yourself in just a few minutes. See our article “You can custom size your own hat”. If it's too tight it's always best to buy a bigger size, but you can make it just a little bigger on you own. We teach you how to do that in the article too.

With a wired brim, you can also flatten the brim or curl it a little more. Just be gentle with this one. You don't want to crack the paint. See our article “Shape your hat easily”.

The elastic sweat band makes the Brad very comfortable.

Available Sizes: Unisex Medium and Large


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