American Hero Firefighter

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The world's most comfortable hat, amazing customer service, Lifetime Warranty. Honor your heroes. Wow.

Yeah, you need this cowboy hat. The design is meant to be VERY distressed looking. Colors will not be even. That's how they are meant to be. There may be darker and lighter areas. They are colorfast which means it won't run or fade. Celebrate being (or admiring) a firefighter with the emblem on your hatband.

You know it's going to rain at every festival, when you're on your bike and when you're floating down the river. Water won't kill this country hat. Dry it well before putting it away.

Do you sweat a lot? Palm straw will draw heat and sweat away from your head and keep you quite cool. UV protective too. It has a comfy elastic sweat band inside.

This is a good cowboy hat for a large head. Need it even a little bigger?  Check out the Hat Jack hat stretcher.

Don't forget our lifetime warranty. We make really good hats, but it's nice to know you have it if you need it.

You can easily make the hat smaller in just a few moments. Want to show the flag more? Curl it up.. Check out our articles.  

Here's our warranty and return policy