Unique pirate printed palm straw cowboy hat. There's a pirate skull on the front and skull and bones on the bottom. Arrrr!

This straw hat is here for the party.

It has a pirate skull on the top and crossed bones on the bottom of the brim. In case you walk the plank, the design won't come off. It has a 4” brim, the size of a traditional cowboy hat, but curl it up so you see the bones.

Gone Country palm hats are water tolerant and they draw heat and sweat away from your head to keep you quite cool. Go ahead, get all wet. It won't hurt the hat.They provide excellent UV protection.   

If it moves around on your head, you can easily make the hat smaller yourself in just a few moments. See our article “You can custom size your own hat”.

With a wired brim, you can also easily flatten the brim or curl it a little more.  See our article “Shape your hat easily”.

The elastic sweat band gives a comfortable fit and absorbs sweat. Did we mention the lifetime warranty?

Available Sizes: Unisex One size


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