Cut Bank

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This vented cowboy hat is a creamy white shantung that is just gorgeous.

Its painted surface is lacquered four times with a specially formulated material making the hat water resistant and uv protective.

Formed from our Yellowstone mold, the Cut Bank is produced from hand-selected, Premium 5bu Shantung straw with a traditional 4-inch brim and 4-1/4 inch crown.

It's not that different from the big-name brand but costs much less.

Shantung is a durable and comfortable material, and the comfy fitted sweat band will absorb sweat. We provide sizing tape with your order, so you can make this hat fit even if you have a smaller head. You can learn how to make it tighter.

To keep it clean, spritz it with a little window cleaner and wipe the dirt off.

Don't forget about our warranty. We guarantee our workmanship for life.