Hat Jack Hat Stretcher

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Is your head just too freakin' big? Our hat stretcher can ease the pain. Here's how you use it to increase your hat by 1/4 size:

  1. Lay Hat Jack on flat surface, labels up (wood forms are tapered).
  2. Twist center handle to approximate hat size.
  3. Place in hat, labels up, center handle parallel to crease in hat crown. 
  4. Tighten handle to snug fit - If you're using the Hat Jack just to help the hat hold its shape, hat is ready for storage.
    ***Always rest hat on its crown, brim up.**
  5. To increase  size...
  6. Repeat above steps. 
  7. Using teapot or pan with lid slightly ajar, boil clean water, then reduce heat to produce a steady flow of steam. 
  8. Holding Hat Jack handle, direct steam evenly to outside of band area. 
  9. Twist handle to stretch hat to desired size while applying steam.
    ***DO NOT over stretch any hat - 1/4 size maximum. (Ex: 7 to 7 1/4)***
  10. Allow hat to cool and dry 20-30 minutes before removing Hat Jack. 
  11. Repeat if hat shrinks until hat maintains desired size & fit.