Best selling cowboy hat style, with a smaller profile for a narrower face or body.
Gang of customers wearing Gone Country hats.

One of our best selling cowboy hats

This cowboy hat has a 3-1/2 inch brim and works equally well for a man or a woman. It is one of our best sellers because of its distressed look and the longhorn on the band. Plus it has our modified crown and brim so you look like a cowboy without wearing a giant sized hat. See the guy in the beard? That's a Hicktown.

Bangora is a very light, comfortable material, with venting in the crown. It will shed some water, but is not waterproof.

If it feels a little big, you can easily make the hat smaller yourself in just a few moments. See our article “You can custom size your own hat”.

With a wired brim, you can also easily flatten the brim or curl it a little more.  See our article “Shape your hat easily”.

The elastic sweat band gives a comfortable fit and absorbs sweat. Don't forget the lifetime warranty.

Available Sizes: Unisex Medium and Large


Regular price $45.00