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Bangora straw cowboy hat 

This straw cowboy hat is a creamy white that you will love. Its painted surface is water resistant and UV protective with a traditional 4 inch brim. 

This hat is good for rounder or oval heads, but not recommended for long oval. It's not that different from the big name brand of the same style, but it costs less because we produce our own hats.

Bangora is durable and comfortable, and the soft elastic sweat band will absorb sweat. We ship sizing tape along with your order, so you can make this hat fit even if you have a smaller head. You can learn how to make it tighter. 

To keep it clean, spritz it with just a little window cleaner and wipe the dirt off.

We offer a Lifetime warranty on our high quality cowboy hat.

This product ships to the US, Europe and Canada. Taxes and duties will be collected upon delivery. 

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