Cowboy with an attitude. Curl it up. - Gone Country

Toby Imperfect


Curl up a perfect country music cowboy hat

You don’t get much more country music than Toby. This very unisex bangora hat has a 4 inch brim. It's white, but made to look used and distressed. It's pre-shaped for the perfect country music festival hat. You can GENTLY curly it a little more if you want to. It is not heavily lacquered like some cowboy hats.

The elastic sweat band gives a comfortable fit and absorbs sweat. Using the sizing tape included with your order, you can easily wear this hat if you are a 6-7/8.  Here's how you can tighten it. You can curl it even more like Toby's if you want to. Just be gentle.

Don't forget the lifetime warranty.

Imperfects are final sales. Not returnable.

Here's our warranty If your searched for tobby this is the one you want.