Classic felt cowboy hat with Trace Adkins attitude
Trace black felt hat

Traditional cowboy hat style goes country music cowboy.

This hat is similar to that worn by Trace Adkins.  It's faux felt with a pinch crown and has a traditional cowboy feel. Faux felt is colorfast, has a rich look and is very durable. It’s also highly UV protective. The brim is 3-1/2 inches so a little smaller than the big traditional cowboy style.

If it feels a little big, you can easily make the hat smaller yourself in just a few moments. See our article “You can custom size your own hat”.

With a wired brim, you can also easily flatten the brim or curl it a little more.  See our article “Shape your hat easily”.

The elastic sweat band gives a comfortable fit and absorbs sweat.

Available Sizes: Unisex Medium and Large


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