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Do you have a big head?

Are you a big-head? This is the cowboy hat for you. It's the biggest sized hat we have - up to 7-/34. It has a 3-1/2 inch brim so it isn't wide, just a generous head size.  The shape of this crown makes it feel a little bigger. We sell at about 100 country music festivals and fairs each year and this is the go-to hat for the guy who can't ever find one big enough.

Have you ever been to a festival where it didn't rain? Palm straw likes to get wet now and then, just let it dry before you put it away.

Do you sweat a lot? You will love our palm straw hats. They wick heat and sweat away from your head to keep you quite cool. The elastic sweat band is comfortable too.

UV protection? Yep.  And don't forget that we make a high quality cowboy hat and offer a Lifetime warranty.

If it feels a little big, you can learn to make it tighter.

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