Yellowstone Brown #2

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Our Yellowstone series cowboy hats are a premium blend of fine Bolivian cashmere and wool, soft to the touch, with Cattleman crown and traditional brim. We make such a high quality cowboy hat we warranty our workmanship for life. If you need help with warranty or anything else, we answer our phones and we're happy to hear from you.

Our hats have a more consistent body than those made by some other companies because we add the stiffener right into the fiber blending process and then we mold the hat. Some companies spray the stiffener on after the hat is formed. 

The satin lined crown is 11 cm (4-1/3 inch) and the brim is 10.5 cm (slightly over 4 inch) with a finely sanded raw edge. The hat comes stock with a matching ribbon band. This is one of the optional hatbands that make the hat suited to your taste.

This product ships to the US, Europe and Canada. Any required taxes and duties will be collected upon delivery and are not included in our price.