How do I make my cowboy hat fit better?

As you know, we are full time festival vendors. We hear it every day..."I can't buy a cowboy hat. My head is too small. I need a kid's size hat."

The truth is, there are very few adults who cannot buy a hat from Gone Country. If you buy a hat in one of our stores, we will always make sure that it fits you correctly. It only takes us a minute to make a hat tighter.

But if you have a hat that you bought anywhere else, no worries. You can tighten your hat yourself. Make it snug enough to stay put, but not tight enough to squeeze your head. IYour hat should fit just above your ears and your eyebrows, parallel to the ground.t should sit just above your ears and your eyebrows and parallel to the ground. If it drops down over your ears, make that hat tighter.

It's not quite so easy to make a hat bigger, but that can be done too.

If you ever see a Gone Country hat booth at a fair or country music festival, please let us size your hat at no charge.

If you can't do that, read our article and do it yourself. It's easy.

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