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Meet Team Gone Country

Keith and Judy Kowatch

Keith and Judy, owners of Gone Country Hats

Before selling hats we manufactured underbody neon lights for cars and trucks. Do you remember those from the '90's? We had more than 2000 dealers and 350 car shows under our belts, but it was just time to move on. A friend encouraged us to get into the cowboy hat business. He thought we'd be good at it and all we needed to know was "The big hats are on the top of the stack and the smaller hats are on the bottom" and "That hat looks pretty good on you."


Yeah right... (Can you see the eye roll?)

It didn't take long for us to figure out there was a bit more to it than that. Can you just picture the challenge of getting product to the right event at the right time? Once, we were in Detroit for an event with 500,000 attendees and our 2 pallets of hats were delivered to our front porch in Orlando, FL.

It was about that time that we decided we could do it better and started designing and producing our own hats. Now we warehouse in Orlando so we get what we need and have our own unique styles to boot!


Our venture into online selling is new but we treat our online customers with the same respect and appreciation that we do our festival friends.


All in all, it has been a fun ride and we've seen a lot of country and met a lot of great people along the way. At times we've had help from our family and quite a few business cats. And now we are blessed with all these other team members.

Gracie works too       Tinker is a workaholic       Starlet works so hard she can hardly stay awake.

Rod and Cheryl

Rod and Cheryl, Team Gone Country

When we were on vacation in Wisconsin we met Rod and Cheryl, who were managing the restaurant and bar at our favorite campground. We were so impressed with their work ethic and their friendliness and humor. Instantly we knew we wanted Rod and Cheryl to be part of Team Gone Country. They started working with us late in 2018 and our customers have given us so many compliments on this dynamic duo that we feel very fortunate to have snagged them.

Jeff and Monica

Jeff and Monica, Team Gone CountryWe were friends with Jeff for seven or eight years when one of our teams quit suddenly. Jeff did us a huge favor and offered to help finish out the season so we would not lose any shows. We all thought it would be temporary, but it turns out he connects naturally with our customers and our products and he was fabulous at helping our customers figure out what was important to them so they could find the exact right hat. No way would we let him go! He has been with us going on three years now and we are blessed to have him on our team. Now we are delighted to have Monica joining the team too.

Chris, Vicky and Cindy

Our newest team is also one of the most fun. The Goodtimes team is a family affair and they have made it their mission to be the very best representatives of the Gone Country way of helping customers. You will love them if you are lucky enough to see them at an event.Goodtimes at the Gone Country Hats store

Team Mexico

Meet Team Mexico, our manufacturing team.  They are obsessed with creativity, quality and consistency.  And it shows. There wouldn't be Gone Country Hats without them and we appreciate this group of dedicated workers so much.

Team Mexico - Gone Country manufacturing team


Victoria, Gone Country warehouse managerVictoria just might hold the key to the whole team. She is the most efficient shipping manager.  She also deals with promoters and handles the booking of our events for four teams. She runs a tight ship. Don't you dare mess with her system or mess up her warehouse.


Want to know what our real customers think about us?

Need to speak to a person at Gone Country? Call us 7 days a week at 678-842-4287 or email us at with your contact info and we will call you at your convenience.

We live in Orlando, FL in Eastern time. But we travel during the summer festival season so call us in Central time.