Black Jack

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World's most comfortable cowboy hat

Not the type for a traditional cowboy hat? This country hat might be the answer. We took one of our most popular hats, American Ride, and rubbed it black. The design is meant to be VERY distressed looking. The nature of this process is that colors will not be even. The black is hand rubbed on to give an antiqued look. 

Do you sweat a lot?  A palm straw cowboy hat will draw heat and sweat away from your head and keep you quite cool. UV protective too. It has a comfy elastic sweat band inside.

Blackjack is a good cowboy hat for a large head. 

Don't forget our lifetime warranty. We make a really high quality cowboy hat, but it's nice to know you have it if you need it.

If it feels a little big, you can easily make the hat smaller yourself in just a few moments. Want to see more of the flag? Curl the sides up like a country music cowboy. Here's how.

This product ships to the US, Europe and Canada. Taxes and duties will be collected upon delivery. 

Here's our return policy and the lifetime warranty.