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Rockin' country music style palm straw hat similar to Jason Aldean's. Get it wet.  It wont hurt this hat.
Beautiful girl in a Gone Country palm straw Jason hat.
Jason palm cowboy hat, Tim toyo hat


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Love Jason Aldean rockin’ country? 

Rock this traditional western hat with a country music flair at a festival.

Wear it kayaking or fishing and get it wet. If it ends up in the river it won't get ruined. Just don't let it sink.

Palm hats wick heat and sweat away to keep you cool. They provide excellent UV protection. And the elastic sweat band makes it comfy and absorbs sweat.

If it feels a little big, you can easily make the hat smaller and you can shape it a bit too. You can learn how to care of your wet hat here too.

And our lifetime's for real