Rockin' country music style palm straw hat similar to Jason Aldean's. Get it wet.  It wont hurt this hat.
Beautiful girl in a Gone Country palm straw Jason hat.
Jason palm cowboy hat, Tim toyo hat

Love Jason Aldean rockin’ country? 

It’s a traditional western hat with a country music flair and a 4 inch brim. Wear it kayaking or fishing. If it ends up in the river, it won't get ruined. See "What happens if a cowboy hat gets wet".

Palm hats wick heat and sweat away to keep you quite cool. They provide excellent UV protection.  

This hat works equally well for a man or woman. 

If it feels a little big, you can easily make the hat smaller yourself in just a few moments. See our article “You can custom size your own hat”.

With a wired brim, you can also easily flatten the brim or curl it a little more.  See our article “Shape your hat easily”.

The elastic sweat band gives a comfortable fit and absorbs sweat.

Like all our hats, this one has a lifetime warranty.

Available Sizes: Unisex Medium and Large



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