Gone Country Hats Work As Hard As You Do

July 02, 2020 2 min read

8 Seconds is a great working hat

Think because we don't have the big name brand that our hats are just for play? Think again.Gone Country hats are durable enough for hard working people. 

Our painted bangoras like the 8 Seconds, Denver, Colt and Justin are workhorses that can be wiped clean easily and are weather resistant too. And don't you love the vented crown?  Brad is another easily cleaned and durable painted hat. Need a little help with cleaning? Try a bit of Windex on the rag.The Hicktown is a softer bangora that works too. Not quite as durable as the painted ones, but great for light-duty work.

All palm straw hats like the Jason, Vegas and Winslow wick heat and sweat from your head to keep you cool and stand up to any weather you have to work in. They are the most durable natural material you can buy. The Kenny is another good choice for working. You'd have to work pretty hard to destroy the Kenny. You can get them wet - just don't put 'em away wet. Even the Smokin and the American Ride are good for working. Yes, they are fashionable, but they have all the durability of the workhorse hats. Mowing the yard or bringing in the hay, we got you covered. Our hats take plenty of abuse. Need something that is absolutely waterproof? Try the Jason black, Smokin black or the Winslow black. They'll take rain for days. All our palms give you complete sun protection too.

Just try to wear these hats out. We make really good hats so we even offer a lifetime warranty on everything manufacturing related. Don't let your horse eat them (that's not a warranty issue).

You can really live your life in Gone Country hats. Just ask these real Gone Country customers.

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8 Seconds   Denver   8 Seconds   Denver bangora vented cowboy hat   8 Seconds vented bangora cowboy hat with brick crown      8 Seconds vented bangora brick crown   Hicktown bangora 3-1/2 brim   Vegas palm straw cowboy hat   Vegas palm cowboy hat   American Ride palm straw cowboy hat American Ride palm cowboy hat